Hyundai Exter Service Cost & Maintenance Charges

Hyundai Exter Service Cost – Hyundai Exter is Hyundai’s entry in the SUV world! Recently launched in the market, Hyundai Exter is promoted for long yet luxurious travels. With spacious interiors, customers are offered comfort and convenience for all kinds of travel.

Boosted with H-Signature LED DRLs, Projector Headlamps, Sporty Skid Plate and distinguished features like parametric front grille promoted SUV’s innovative features. 

Starting from Rs.5.99 lakh onwards, Exter bridges the gap between the Grand i10 Nios and the Venue in Hyundai’s India Lineup. Promoted for its Stylish exteriors and stunning interiors, it is definitely a contemporary and unique take on SUV design.

But along with the aesthetics, Hyundai Exter’s comes with whopping 40 safety features*. Sensors. alarms, controls, reminders and so much more.  

Hyundai’s Exter will definitely be known for its looks, comfort, safety and performance but you need to know what cost you have to bear once you own it. Today, we have provided an estimate for Hyundai Exter service cost and maintenance charges.

Let’s take a quick view of Hyundai Exter’s Smart features first,

  • Voice enabled Smart Electric Sunroof
  • Dash Cam with Dual Camera 
  • A 5.84 cm (2.31”) LCD Display
  • Smartphone app based connectivity
  • Multiple Recording Modes (Driving (Normal), Event (Safety) and Vacation (Time lapse))

Hyundai Exter’s Safety Features

  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Vehicle Stability Management
  • Hill Assist Control
  • 3-point seatbelt & seatbelt reminder
  • Keyless Entry
  • ABS with EBD
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Burglar Alarm & much more

Hyundai Exter Powertrain Details

  • For 1.2L PETROL
  • Engine – 1.2l
  • Cylinder – 4
  • Displacement – 1197cc
  • Maximum power – 83PS @ 6000rpm
  • Peak Torque – 114Nm @ 4000rpm
  • Manual Transmission – 5MT
  • Manual claimed FE – 19.4 kmpl
  • Automatic Transmission – 5AMT
  • Automatic Claimed FE – 19.2kmpl
  • For 1.2L CNG
  • Engine – 1.2l
  • Cylinder – 4
  • Displacement – 1197cc
  • Maximum power – 69PS @ 6000rpm
  • Peak Torque – 95.2Nm @ 4000rpm
  • Manual Transmission – 5MT
  • Manual claimed FE – 27.1 kmpl
  • Automatic Transmission – NA
  • Automatic Claimed FE – NA

Hyundai Exter Service cost for 1.0 Petrol


The first service is on the 12th Month or after 15,000 Km, the second service is on the 24th Month or after 30,000 Km, the third service is on the 36th Month or after 45,000 Km, the fourth service is on the 48th Month or after 60,000 Km, fifth service is on 60th Month or after 75,000 Km.

Service No.Service TypeKm / MonthService Cost
1st ServiceFree10000 / 12Total Cost: ₹1,376.00

(Engine Oil: ₹1,256.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 120.00)
2nd ServiceFree20000 / 24Total Cost: ₹1,907.00

(Air Filter: ₹325.00)
(Climate Control Air Filter: ₹206.00)
(Engine Oil: ₹1,256.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 1,20.00)
3rd ServicePaid30,000 / 36Total Cost: ₹3,596.00

(Engine Oil: ₹1,256.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 120.00)
(Service Charge: ₹2220.00)
4th ServicePaid40,000 /48Total Cost: ₹4,127.00

(Air Filter: ₹325.00)
(Climate Control Air Filter: ₹206.00)
(Engine Oil: ₹1,256.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 120.00)
(Service Charge: ₹2220.00)
5th ServicePaid50,000 /60Total Cost: ₹4,099.00

(Engine Oil: ₹1,256.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 120.00)
(Coolant: ₹ 503.00)
(Service Charge: ₹2220.00)

* These are estimated maintenance cost detail and cost may vary based on location and condition of car.

Disclaimer – Hyundai is yet to update the service & maintenance charges on their website. These are the charges for Grand i10 Nios petrol as both models had the same petrol engine. The charges will be updated here once they get listed on their website.


Q1. What is the starting price of a Hyundai Exter?

Around Rs.6.04 lakh

Q2. What is the starting price of Hyundai Exter CNG?

Around Rs.6.75 Lakh

Q3. What mileage does Hyundai Exter Petrol offer?

An average of 19.8 kmpl

Q4. What mileage does Hyundai Exter CNG offer?

An average of 26km/kg

Q5. What is ground clearance?


Q6. How much boot space is available?

Around 250L

Q7. What safety rating does Hyundai Exter have?

3 star with 5 star being the best and 1 star being the worst

Q8. Does it have a sunroof?

Yes, Electric sunroof

We hope you find this article helpful and have clarified your queries and questions of Hyundai Exter service cost and maintenance charges.

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