Renault KIGER Service Cost & Maintenance Schedule

Sporty, Smart & stunning! This is how Renault describes the Kiger. Known for muscular body, smart interiors and updated safety features, Renault Kiger promises balance of strength and comfort. In this article, you will know more about the cost of services and maintenance charges of Renault Kiger in detail, But before that, let’s take a quick look at more that it offers. 

Let’s start with some major specifications and features. Renault Kiger is available in 5 major variants and retails at around Rs. 6.50 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 11.23 Lakh.

With Engine displacement (cc) of 999, it offers Max Power (bhp@rpm) of 98.63bhp@5000rpm and Max Torque (nm@rpm) of 152Nm@2200-4400rpm. Renault Kiger offers fuel tank capacity of 40L, Automatic transmission, Ground clearance of 205mm, seating capacity of 5, boot space of 405 L and mileage of around 18.24 km/l, fuel tank.

Safety Features of Renault Kiger

Renault Kiger now comes with the most innovative and enhanced safety features. Like Hill start assist, this feature prevents your car from rolling back for a few important seconds, everytime you release the brakes and move uphill after a halt.

Electronic Stability program, this keeps the car stable at tricky twists and turns and helps maintain control of the direction and prevent rollovers and crashes.

Tyre pressure monitoring system alerts you in real time if any of the tyres are under-inflated through TPMS indicators on the dashboard cluster. Traction control system

detects any loss of grip or over-spinning of wheels on slippery roads and automatically slows down its speed and helps regain traction. 

Along with these, Renault Kiger also offers 4 airbags, ABS & EBD with brake assist, Rear View Camera, Front Parking Sensor*.

You can also personalized your Renault Kiger by choosing from an array of smart and stunning accessories, like


  • Front Grille Chrome Garnish
  • Front Bumper Chrome
  • Body side cladding with chrome
  • Window frame kit
  • Tail gate chrome
  • Rear bumper chrome
  • ORVM chrome
  • Door Scuttles
  • Front grille chrome Liner
  • Alloy Wheel Inserts – sets
  • Mud flaps – kit


  • 3D mats MT
  • Armrest console organizer
  • Trunk light
  • Air purifier

Renault Kiger Service Cost & Maintenance Schedule

Renault Kiger Service Cost
Renault Kiger Service Cost

The Renault Kiger service schedule cost in 4 years is around Rs 32,979 and the approximate Kiger maintenance cost for 4 years is Rs 10,952.

ServiceKMs/MonthFree/PaidTotal Cost
1st2,000km /2 monthsFreeTotal Cost: ₹835.00
(Normal Engine Oil: ₹ 835.00)
(Service Charge: ₹0.00)
2nd10,000km or 12 monthPaidTotal Cost: ₹1,259.00
(Air Filter: ₹ 205.00)
(Normal Engine Oil: ₹ 835.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 219.00)
(Service Charge: ₹0.00)
3rd20,000 km or 24 monthsPaidTotal Cost: ₹1,610.00
(AC Filter: ₹ 351.00)
(Air Filter: ₹ 205.00)
(Normal Engine Oil: ₹ 835.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 219.00)
(Service Charge: ₹0.00)
4th30,000 km or 36 monthsPaidTotal Cost: ₹3,884.00
(Air Filter: ₹ 205.00)
(Fuel Filter: ₹ 450.00)
(Normal Engine Oil: ₹ 835.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 219.00)
(Spark Plug: ₹ 415.00)
(Service Charge: ₹1,760.00)
5th40,000 km or 48 monthsPaidTotal Cost: ₹3,364.00
(AC Filter: ₹ 345.00)
(Air Filter: ₹ 205.00)
(Normal Engine Oil: ₹ 835.00)
(Oil Filter: ₹ 219.00)
(Service Charge: ₹1,760.00)
* These are estimated maintenance cost detail and cost may vary based on location and condition of car. | * Service Charge does not include any extra labor charges.

FAQs: Renault KIGER Service Cost

Does Renault Kiger also come in CNG?

– No

At what price does the Renault Kiger start?

– Around Rs.7.35 lakh.

What safety rating do we get in the Renault Kiger?

– Renault Kiger gets a Safety Rating of Four-star where 1 star is the worst and 5 stars are the best.

What are the color options of the Renault Kiger?

– We get different color options on the Renault Kiger like Caspian Blue, ICE Cool White, Mahogany Brown, Metal Mustard With Mystery Black Roof, Moonlight Silver, Moonlight Silver With Mystery Black, Radiant Red With Mystery Black, and Stealth Black.

What is the Renault Kiger maintenance cost?

– The Renault Kiger maintenance cost in 5 years is around Rs 10,952.

Does Renault Kiger have a sunroof?

– No

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