Next-Gen Maruti Swift Service Cost

Maruti is finally unveiling the next-generation Swift tomorrow, as promised for May. This highly anticipated update brings a refreshed look with numerous exterior tweaks and a completely redesigned interior that echoes the Fronx/Baleno.

Tech lovers will rejoice with the new Swift’s upgrades. Expect a larger infotainment screen with connected car features, automatic climate control for ultimate comfort, sleek LED lighting, and stylish alloy wheels. But the biggest surprise lies under the hood is Next-Gen Maruti Swift Service Cost.

Next-Gen Maruti Swift Service Cost

Based on the provided data, here is a summary of the service schedule and costs for the Next-Gen Maruti Swift:

  • The service intervals for the Next-Gen Maruti Swift are every 10,000 kilometers.
  • The services are scheduled at 10,000 km, 20,000 km, 30,000 km, 40,000 km, and 50,000 km.
  • Certain parts require replacement at specific intervals, such as the air filter, fuel filter, and coolant, which are typically replaced at every other service.
ServiceFrequencyCost (Rs.)
2nd10,000 km2,674
3rd20,000 km6,851
4th30,000 km5,454
5th40,000 km6,514
6th50,000 km5,592

Cost Breakdown:

  • The service costs include various components such as labor charges, part replacements, and consumables.
  • Labor charges are incurred for the inspection, maintenance, and servicing of the vehicle.
  • Part replacements include items like engine oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, coolant, brake oil, clutch oil, and gaskets.
  • Consumables such as distilled water are also included in the service costs.
PartReplacement FrequencyCost (Rs.)
Normal Engine OilEvery service1,687
Oil FilterEvery service75
Air FilterEvery service258
Coolant20,000 km, 40,000 km474, 474
Fuel Filter20,000 km, 30,000 km, 40,000 km340, 233, 233
Service ChargeEvery service2,720, 2,780, 2,840, 2,685
Brake Oil20,000 km, 40,000 km293, 293
Clutch Oil20,000 km350
Gasket Engine Oil Drain PlugEvery service78
Climate Control Air FilterEvery service551
Distilled WaterEvery service25

Part Replacements:

  • Engine oil and oil filter are replaced at every service to ensure optimal engine performance and lubrication.
  • Air filter replacement helps maintain air quality within the engine, preventing dust and debris from entering.
  • Coolant replacement is crucial for maintaining engine temperature and preventing overheating.
  • Fuel filter replacement ensures proper fuel filtration and engine efficiency.
  • Brake oil and clutch oil replacements are necessary for maintaining brake and clutch performance.
  • Gaskets and seals are inspected and replaced as needed to prevent oil leaks.
  • Climate control air filter replacement ensures clean air circulation within the vehicle cabin.

How much does Next-Gen Maruti Swift car service cost?

The cost of servicing a Next-Gen Maruti Swift can vary depending on several factors, including the specific service required, the service center’s location, taxes, and any additional parts or labor needed. Based on the data provided earlier, here’s a rough estimate of the servicing costs for a Next-Gen Maruti Swift:

Service No.Kilometers / MonthsFree / PaidTotal Cost
1st Service10,000/12FreeRs.2,649
2nd Service20,000/24PaidRs.6,826
3rd Service30,000/36PaidRs.5,429
4th Service40,000/48PaidRs.6,489
5th Service50,000/60PaidRs.5,567
To get the most accurate estimate for servicing your Next-Gen Maruti Swift, it’s recommended to contact an authorized Maruti service center or refer to the service manual provided with the vehicle. Service advisors at authorized centers can provide detailed information on service costs based on your specific requirements and the current pricing at their facility.

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