Maruti Suzuki Eeco Service Cost & Maintenance Charges

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Service cost a place where you can save a lot of your money in the service cost of Maruti Eeco,  in case you read our blog to get information of different types of service cost and their period of services. However, the information here provided is on the basis of the suggestions given by the Eco owners and their personal experience.

As it offers, one of the best looks, seating comfort, seat capacity and comes under the amazing price segment.

It provides free service for the first service this is 10000 km in a year which is completely free of cost the second service which it demands is done at 20000 km into years which is actually paid and further on all the services provided by Maruti will be paid for Maruti Eco service which it demands is at 30000 km in 3 years which is as well paid service is done at 40000 km in 4 years 50000 km in the span of 5 years which is well played service.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Service Cost

Maruti Eeco with premium style look with top handling and suspension handling, this is a beautiful when and comes with RND done to deliver an exciting service experience. However for this car you need service for once in a year after the minimum period of a time or minimum period of travel.

 Maruti offers the first service for free of charge with no labour charge of the first year of purchase.

You can avail the first free service on the first 10000 km of travel similarly, second and third service and the further other services are to be made paid.

Free ServiceDistanceMonths
1st10,000 kms12 months

The paid service of Maruti Eeco is done subsequently every 12 months.

 For the minor services, the time is on every 12 months or 10000 km and the oil jar service charge are required to be complete every time the car get services included in the filter charges and the other cleaning and maintenance charges and the charges of subsequent wear and Tear which might be extra then the normal service charge.

Maruti Eeco 1st year service cost..

The first Maruti Eeco service cost done once it complete its 10,000 km of travel or complete 12 months of a year of purchase of the car.


Oil filter- 90 Rs.

Engine Oil- 1696 Rs.

Service Ser.ServicesTypeTotal cost
1st10,000 km / 12 monthFree1786 Rs.

The services on the first service includes your angel oil and oil filter Here they don’t charge you for any of the labour cost and the sums of around 1786 which is for free.

Maruti Eeco 2nd service cost…

Maruti provide its second service when you have completed around 20000 km of your travel or 24 months of car purchase or 2 years of car purchase you can access for the second service.

Eeco servicesCost
Oil filter90 Rs.
Fuel filter350 Rs.
Engine Oil1696 Rs.
Coolant469 Rs.
Spark plugs720 Rs.
CNG Low pressure filter cartidge with O ring1280 Rs.
Transmission Oil890 Rs.
Services charges1850 Rs.
Net cost7345 Rs.

The second service consist of the cost of Eeco oil filter along with normal engine oil break oil comma cool and, spark plug, CNG low pressure filter cartilage with or ring transmission oil and the service charges is well and all these takes place after 24 months of car purchase.

Maruti Eeco 3rd service cost ….

Maruti offers its third service at 30000 km in the services are listed in the table given below;

Engine Oil1696. Rs
Oil filter90. Rs
Service Charges1850 Rs.

Third year cost of Maruti Eeco includes different services such as normal engine oil which cost around 1696 Rupees  oil filter which cost surround 90 Rupees, the services charges which are around 1850 Rupees  full stop and all those boils down to Rs 3636..

Maruti Eeco 4th service …

Maruti Eeco offers its food service at the completion of 40000 km aur Di completion of 4 years of car purchase the services provided in the food service are given below in the table;

Oil filter90 Rs
Ac filter250 Rs
Fuel filter350 Rs
Brake Clutch oil350 Rs
Engine Oil1696 Rs
Coolant469 Rs
Spark Plugs720 Rs
CNG Reducer Filter Cartidge with O ring1500 Rs
CNG Low Pressure Filter cartidge with O ring1280 Rs
Transmission Oil890 Rs
Services charges1850 Rs
Total cost9445 Rs.

Services which Maruti Eco offers this time is oil filter, AC filter, fuel filter, break clutch oil engine oil cool and, spark plug, CNG reducer filter cartilage with boring, CNG low pressure filter cartilage with O ring transmission oil service charges and all this sums up to total of 9445 rupees.

Maruti Eeco 5th service cost …

Maruti  offers  this time service like oil filter, engine Oil, and the charge of service..

Oil filter90 Rs
Engine Oil1696 Rs
Services charges1850 Rs
Total cost3636 Rs.

These were the five services offered by Maruti Eco comma on the charges of the five service cost of Maruti Suzuki Eeco in 5 years is around rupees 25848 approximately.

Maruti Eeco service cost

Including the minus services that Maruti Suzuki Eco offers you except for the services IT which it offers on the yearly bills for scheduled replacement to be cost around 25000 848 rupees full stop however some other add on on the work including the repair and on demand work would be additionally charged

  • These are like break cleaning and paper pin greasing.
  • Breakpad replacement is common wear and tear.
  • Clutch plate assembly replacement as a common wear and tear .
  • viper blade replacement .

 will be additionally amount from you for its replacement of the service.


  1. How much mileage does Eeco have?

Ans.. 16.11 kmpl

The Maruti Eeco mileage is 16.11 kmpl to 20.88 km/ kg. Manual petrol variant has mileage of 16.11 kmpl. The manual CNC variant has mileage of 20.88 KM / kg.

  • Is Eeco good for hills?

ANS. Welcome climbing up in hilly areas requires a lot of torque and Max Power which in case of Maruti Suzuki Eeco is pretty low as it boost of 1197 cc engine which produces 79 bhp of Max Power and 1001 mm of. His fourth, it will be a little while climbing up in extreme slope/hilly areas.

  • Is Eeco a safe car?

ANS.. the high quality components and design elements such as integrated wiring hardness and CNG system also make it one of the safest vehicle available presently. These safety features prove echo a very safecar.

  • Is Maruti  Suzuki Eeco worth buying?

ANS.. Maruti Suzuki Eeco absolutely worth the every money spent for buying it. Its engine is well proving in performance and giving a very good mileage figures 2. Getting spare won’t be a problem. As Maruti Suzuki has wide spread service network getting space won’t be a problem for you people.

  • Is Maruti Eeco a rear wheel drive?

ANS. It is a rear wheel drive( RWD ). RWD offers better load distribution and handling dynamics is required for cargo wheel. So Maruti Eco is a rare wheel drive car.

  • Is Eeco an SUV?

ANS. Eeco can be considered as a small SUV or an SUV for middle class Indian. Size of the tyres is good in Eco. It has got very good ground clearance like that available in reputed SUVs. Eco can be considered as a smaller sister of a Tata Innova car. So it could be said as SUV.

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