Kia Seltos Service Cost & Maintenance Charges

Kia Seltos is one of the best-selling cars in India. Due to its affordable price, classy design, and features, its demand is growing day by day. If you are an owner of the Kia Seltos or are planning to buy one, you must know the Kia Seltos Service Cost and maintenance charges because it is something that every owner has to pay to Kia service providers on a regular basis.

Kia Seltos Service Cost is not higher then other similar cars available in market but company only offer 1st service for free and for rest owner has to pay for parts replacement cost and labour charges.

If we check theKia Seltos Service Cost on the Kia official website, it recommends the Seltos service cost for 10 years. However, as per our research, car owners are only concerned about the first five years of car servicing. That’s why we are sharing the Kia Seltos Service cost and Maintenance charges for 5 years.

Kia Seltos Service Cost

Here are complete details about Kia Seltos service cost and maintenance schedule for 5 years including parts price and labour charges. The approximate cost for 5 years of servicing is Rs.22,290

ServiceKilometers / MonthsFree / PaidNormal Engine OilOil FilterAir FilterBrake & Clutch OilFuel FilterClimate Control Air FilterCoolantService ChargeTotal Cost
1st Service10000/12FreeRs.1,623Rs.360Rs.1,983
2nd Service20000/24PaidRs.1,623Rs.360Rs.271Rs.403Rs.2,080Rs.4,737
3rd Service30000/36PaidRs.1,623Rs.360Rs.474Rs.2,080Rs.4,537
4th Service40000/48PaidRs.1,623Rs.360Rs.271Rs.762Rs.403Rs.2,735Rs.6,154
5th Service50000/60PaidRs.1,623Rs.360Rs.233Rs.583Rs.2,080Rs.4,879

When it comes to parts pricing for the Kia Seltos, it is essential to consider the costs of various components involved in the servicing and maintenance of the vehicle. Here are some details about parts pricing:

  1. Normal Engine Oil: The cost of normal engine oil for the Kia Seltos is Rs.1,623 per service.
  2. Oil Filter: The price of an oil filter for the Kia Seltos is Rs.360 per service. The oil filter helps remove impurities and contaminants from the engine oil, ensuring its proper functioning.
  3. Air Filter: The cost of an air filter for the Kia Seltos is Rs.233 – Rs.271, depending on the service. The air filter plays a crucial role in maintaining clean air intake for the engine, protecting it from dust and debris.
  4. Brake & Clutch Oil: The pricing for brake and clutch oil for the Kia Seltos is Rs.474 per service. This oil is essential for maintaining the smooth operation of the braking and clutch systems.
  5. Fuel Filter: The fuel filter for the Kia Seltos is priced at Rs.762 per service. The fuel filter helps in filtering out impurities and contaminants from the fuel, ensuring clean fuel reaches the engine.
  6. Climate Control Air Filter: The cost of a climate control air filter for the Kia Seltos is Rs.403 per service. This filter is responsible for maintaining the quality of air inside the cabin by filtering out pollutants and allergens.

Key Features of Kia Seltos

  1. Impressive Design: The Kia Seltos showcases a stylish and compact design, setting new benchmarks in its segment.
  2. GT Line and Tech Line Trims: The Seltos offers two trims, GT Line and Tech Line, which provide different exterior and interior treatments to cater to different preferences.
  3. Spacious Cabin: Despite not being the most spacious SUV in its segment, the Seltos offers ample legroom, headroom, and a two-step recline position for the rear seats.
  4. Comfort and Multimedia Features: The Seltos comes with a range of comfort features, including ventilated seats, air-purifier, ambient mood lighting, and a premium Bose Sound System with 8-speaker setup.
  5. Advanced Infotainment System: The Seltos features a 10.25-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system, along with a 7.0-inch colour display for the instrument cluster and a heads-up display.
  6. UVO Connected Technology: The Seltos is equipped with UVO tech, offering 37 connected features, including navigation, safety & security, vehicle management, remote control, and convenience features.
  7. Engine and Transmission Options: The Seltos offers three engine options, including two petrol and one diesel engine, all of which are BS6 compliant. It also provides four transmission options, including manual and automatic variants.
  8. Safety Features: The Seltos prioritizes safety with features such as six airbags, ABS with EBD, front and rear parking sensors, ESP, hill hold control, and blind view monitor. It is built using advanced high strength steel for enhanced rigidity.

This is all about Kia Seltos Service cost and maintenance charges. Hope you understand and must share this post on social media and comment below or Learn more about car service cost

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