Tata Safari Service Cost & Schedule

If you are planning to buy a beautiful SUV like Safari from Tata. Then you must know pre hand about the charges that you will have to pay in future for its service and other stuff in the advance.

Tuning into this is a very good choice made by you, in this blog I’ll be telling you about the various types of things and charges in detail that you must before buying.

 All the parameters will be discussed in a very detailed format in this blog and surely going to be a one stop solution for you….

Tata Safari Service Cost Explained

Tata Safari is a good car known for it good looks performance in the mileage offered by it. If you are SUV level and seeking for really good SUV with the good performance then Tata Safari is one of the brightest choice. You don’t have to worry too much about it service.

The service cost of the Tata Safari is available with first 4 free services the schedule is as follows:

The first service should be after 1,000 km. The second after 5,000 km, the third after 15,000 km and the fourth after 30,000 km.

 All this includes free car check up and a car wash. All in all,

The estimated total of services charges of Tata Safari are supposed to be around 28,167 Rs for the tenure of 4 years.

Of service and maintenance schedule …

Services  No.Kms/monthsTypeTotal cost
11000/1Free0 Rs
25000/6Free0 Rs
315000/12Free6095 Rs
430000/24Free5642 Rs
545000/36Paid7638 Rs
660000/48Paid8792 Rs.

In the above table I have tried to explain you about the scheduled which is supposed to be followed for the servicing any maintenance of your Tata Safari. Here I have tried to explain  you everything in concise form the each and every detail is description of every service is given in the blog beneath.

Tata Safari  Service Cost Schedule

  •  Safari 1st service cost: Nil
  •  Safari 2nd service cost: Nil

 Safari 3rd Service Cost

Engine Oil + Oil Filter3100 Rs.
Fuel filter2900 Rs.
Cabin AC pollen filter500 Rs.
Diesel exhaust fluid700 Rs.
Wheel Alignment and Balancing1600 Rs.
Labour  chargesNil
Net service8800 Rs

In the 3rd service cost of Tata Safari includes many services such as normal engine oil, oil filter, air filter, coolant, and plug. Talking about the cost of the individual articles, servicing of normal engine oil + engine filter Rs. 3100, fuel filter Rs. 2900, diesel exhaust Rs. 700, Ac cabin 500Rs., wheel Alignment and Balancing Rs. 1600, and the total sums up to Rs. 8800.

Tata Safari 4th service cost….

The forth servicing of Tata Safari is done at 22500 km, here the minor services are done which cost around rupees 800.

Tata Safari 5th service cost….

Services offered in the fifth service are broken down below in the table;

Engine Oil + Oil filterRs. 3100
Fuel filterRs. 2900
Cabin AC pollen filterRs. 500
Air filterRs. 900
Diesel exhaust fluidRs. 700
Brake fluidRs. 500
Wheel Alignment and BalancingRs. 1600
Labour chargesRs. 3400
Total costRs. 13600 .

The services offered in the fifth service are; engine oil + oil filter of Rs 3100,  fuel filter for rupees 2900, cabin AC Paulin filter for rupees 500, AC filter for rupees 900, diesel exhaust fluid for rupees 700, break fluid for rupees 500, Wheel alignment and balancing for rupees 1600 , the labour charges are rupees 3400, so the total cost of services is around Rs. 13600..

Tata Safari 6th service cost

The sixth service is done at 37500 kms at Rs . 800 ,all the services are the minor one.

Tata Safari 7th service cost

The service are done at 45000kms of travel .Services offered are elaborated in the table given below :

Engine Oil + Oil filterRs. 3100
Fuel filterRs. 2900
Cabin AC pollen filterRs. 500
Diesel exhaust fluidRs. 700
CoolantRs. 1500
Wheel Alignment and BalancingRs. 1600
Labour chargesRs. 3400
Net chargesRs. 13700

The service that comes under the seventh service are as follows:

Such as  engine Oil +oil filter is for Rs. 3100, fuel filter is for Rs. 2900, cabin ac pollen filter is for Rs. 500, diesel exhaust fluid is for Rs. 700, coolant is for Rs. 1500 ,wheel Alignment and Balancing is done for Rs. 1600, Labour charges of about Rs. 3400 and all this sums up to Rs. 13700…

Tata Safari 8th service cost

The 8th service is done at 52500kms and account for Rs. 800, the minor services.

Tata Safari 9th service cost

The Tata Safari offers it’s 9 service at 60000 km. The services are listed in the table given below;

Engine Oil + Oil filterRs. 3100
Fuel filterRs. 2900
Cabin ac pollen filterRs. 500
Air filterRs. 900
Diesel exhaust fluidRs. 700
Brake fluidRs.  500
Wheel Alignment and BalancingRs .1600
Labour chargesRs. 3400
CostRs. 13600

Hear the Safari offers the 9 service at 60000 km in which the services which are provide did are; engine oil + oil filter for rupees 3100, fuel filter for rupees 2900 ,filter for rupees 500, air filter for rupees 900, diesel exhaust fluid for rupees 700 ,Wheel alignment and balancing for Rs 1600, labour charges for Rs. 3400, the total sums up to Rs. 13600…..

Tata Safari 10th service cost

For the 10th service Tata Safari allows it at 67500 kilometres . Here, only the minor services are offered for Rs. 800….

Tata Safari 11th service cost

The 11 service offered my Tata Safari is done and 75000 km of car travel. The services provided are mentioned in the table below:

Engine Oil + Oil filterRs. 3100
Fuel filterRs. 2900
Cabin ac pollen filterRs. 500
Diesel exhaust fluidRs. 700
Timing Belt and TensionerRs. 2500
Wheel Alignment and BalancingRs. 1600
Labour chargesRs. 3400
TotalRs. 14700

The services which Tata Safari offers at its 11 service are: engine  Oil+ oil filter for rupee 3100, fuel filter for Rs. 2900, Cabin Ac pollen filter for Rs. 500, diesel exhaust  fluid for Rs. 700, timing Belt and Tensioner are for Rs. 2500, wheel Alignment and Balancing for Rs. 1600, labour charges for Rs. 3400, so the total sums up to Rs. 14700…..

Tata Safari service cost

Including the minor services-except Tata Safari yearly services built for scheduled replacement are supposed to be closed to rupees 15000. However some other add on and the work including the running repair and on the demand work would charge you additionally like these are:

  •  Brake Cleaning and Caliper Pin Greasing.
  • Brake Pad Replacement as common wear and tear.
  • Clutch Plate Assembly replacement as common wear and tear.
  • AC Refrigeration Gas Top up for cooling effectiveness.
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Any Lubrication or additional amount.

All these extra activities will cost you be extra amount to be paid to the service centre to get it done.


  • Is Tata Safari a luxury car?

Ans-  Tata has launched the all- new Safari in the Indian market today. This is the ONEGA- Arc platform of the brand after the Harrier. The all – new Safari will take on the like of MG Hector Plus and Mahindra XUV 500 .

  • Is Tata Safari a success?

Ans. Cars and SUVs of 2021 that became huge successes. Tata Safari to Hyundai Alcazar . Despite the pandemic, a lot of manufacturers launched their vehicles in our country. Some of them have also been quite successful for the manufacturers and have helped them in some way or the other.

  • Why is Tata Safari so popular ?

Ans.. The Tata Safari, launched in 1998 , was instantly popular. The muscular design and the European SUV aesthetics held differentiate the safari from its competitive. With optional 4 WD and very generous ground clearance the Tata Safari quickly became the preferred SUV for many of the people among its competitor leaving them behind in the competition and taking the front position of the competition.

 What is the waiting period of Tat Safari?

Ans.. career and Safari waiting period is at 3:55 weeks while the companies highest selling vehicle Tata Nexon so it’s empty variants commanding a waiting period of 8 to 10 weeks which extended from 16 to 20 weeks for its diesel powered counterparts. So Tata Safari has quite good amount of waiting period which is known the generally seen in the other cars of its competition.

  •  Does Tata Safari have 360 camera?

Ans.. even the top end of the Tata Safari does not offers the 360 degree camera. The seat upholstery is new brown colour. The stock White coloured seeds of the Safari tend to get dirty in the Indian condition. But it does not of 360 degree cameras in any of its variant.

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